TCA: Taking Critics DNA


TCA: Complete Coverage of the Summer Press Tour 

National Geographic Channel's Television Critics Association Tour panel session last Wednesday resembled more CSI than Explorer, as the network, which debuts its special The Human Family Tree later this month, asked writers to submit their DNA.

More than 100 reporters were given official DNA kits and asked to take swabs of their cheeks in order to trace their ancestral footsteps.

The Human Family Tree, which debuts Aug. 30, explores the results of DNA taken from 200 people from the multicultural melting pot of Queens, N.Y. to determine where their ancestors came from and, in some instances, how similar their family trees are.

The effort is part of Nat Geo's "Genographic Project," a five-year anthropological research study led by the network and IBM to map how humankind populated the planet. Nat Geo officials said the results taken from the TCA session should be ready in six to eight weeks.

Who knows? Maybe the results will find that all television critics are related after all.