TCI Group Effort Might Pursue Marcus


New York -- While Tele-Communications Inc. president
and chief operating officer Leo J. Hindery Jr. effectively ruled out a move for all of
Marcus Cable, sources familiar with the process said TCI might in fact bid for Marcus in
league with affiliates that are already in place in Marcus markets.

Marcus, through part-owner Goldman Sachs & Co., has
just begun the process of considering a sale or other strategic alternatives.

While TCI would dearly like to add Marcus' Fort Worth,
Texas, system to its Dallas operations, other Marcus clusters would fit with TCI
surrogates. Marcus' Wisconsin systems, for example, would fit well with Bresnan
Communications Co., while Marcus' Southern California systems could be combined with
the Century Communications Corp.-TCI partnership in the Los Angeles area.

Hindery said at a telecommunications forum here last week
that TCI might well "end up with Marcus assets," but that it wouldn't
"write checks" to buy Marcus outright.