TCI To Take Exclusive Marketing Route


In an effort to boost the value of pay-per-view to its
subscribers, Tele-Communications Inc. will create exclusive value-added promotions
targeted toward PPV users.

While the industry has traditionally focused its PPV
promotions on reaching the roughly 70 percent to 80 percent of addressable subscribers
that don't use PPV, TCI's new initiative looks to reward frequent buyers that
currently support the business, said Robin Remick, director of PPV and special projects
for the MSO.

As a result, TCI is shying away from traditional PPV
"nevers" campaigns and moving toward creating exclusive promotions that provide
value beyond PPV purchases.

"We feel that value-added promotions are a very big
appeal to subscribers," she said. "We want to provide value [to viewers] ...
there's more money to be made from the people who are already in the category."

TCI will launch its initiative with an October promotion
featuring PolyGram Pictures' The Big Lebowski. Participating systems will
offer three free games of bowling to subscribers purchasing the film, which generated more
than $17 million at the box office.

The names of participating bowling centers will be tagged
onto video spots for the movie, Remick said. TCI corporate will handle the
promotional-fulfillment duties at its national customer-service center in Denver.

"It's a very turnkey promotion and a sensible
tie-in that the customer can identify with," Remick said. "It's a
win-win-win for all involved."