TCM To Pay Tribute To Borgnine


Turner Classic Movies will honor the life and career of Ernest Borgnine on July 26 with a 24-hour marathon.

The marathon will feature 10 film from the Academy Award-winning Borgnine, who passed away Sunday at the age of 95. Films featured as part of the marathon include The Catered Affair (1956), Torpedo Run (1958), Ice Station Zebra (1968), The Dirty Dozen (1967), Marty (1955), From Here to Eternity (1953), The Wild Bunch (1969) and Bad Day at Black Rock (1955).

The marathon will also feature an encore presentation of TCM's 2009 special Private Screenings: Ernest Borgnine, a one-hour, in-depth interview with the actor and TCM host Robert Osborne.

"Ernest Borgnine was a great friend of ours here at TCM, an actor we all greatly admired because of his talent and ability to play everything from nasty tough guys to likeable fathers to comical sailors," said Osborne in a statement. "We saw firsthand how much he loved life, loved being an actor and enjoyed meeting his fans when he joined us at our TCM Classic Film Festival, TCM Classic Cruise and Road to Hollywood events. He was a joy to be around. Thank heavens for film. Ernie may have left us physically, but we'll have his talent and film image with us forever."