Tech Exec Starr Leaving AT&T


The head count will likely be dropping at AT&T Broadband's executive offices in the coming year, and the first notable departure is Jim Starr.

Starr, vice president of engineering, technology and labs, will be leaving
AT&T Broadband as part of a promised restructuring in 2002. The exact date
of his departure was not made available.

The MSO has indicated that such a reorganization is in the offing to streamline
its business. The reorganization is not part of AT&T's pending merger with
Comcast, according to a spokeswoman.

Starr came to AT&T Broadband as part of its merger with MediaOne Group
Inc., and he first served as vice president of AT&T Broadband Labs in
Westminster, Colo.

Also recently, Headend in the Sky senior vice president Rich Fickle left
AT&T Broadband to take a position with Liberty Livewire as executive vice
president of business development, initially for broadcast and distribution.

He is working out of Liberty Media Corp.'s Denver offices.