'Teen Beach Movie' Draws 8.4 Million Viewers

Third Most-Watched Original Disney Movie Among Key Kids Demos

Disney Channel’s Teen Beach Movie made a big ratings splash in its July 19 premiere, averaging 8.4 million viewers, according to network officials. 

The movie, which stars Ross Lynch (Disney's Austin & Ally) and Maia Mitchell (ABC Family's The Fosters) as friends who get transported into a 60’s-themed beach blanket film, is the fifth most watched of Disney's 91 original movies and the third most viewed network original movie ever among kids 2 to 11 and kids 6 to 11, behind only 2007’s High School Musical 2 and 2009’s Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, according to network officials.

The movie, which will have several interactive-enhanced encores over the next week, is the best performing Disney original movie in more than four years in total viewers and nearly six years among key kids demos.

The network’s new series Liv & Maddie, which debuted immediately after Teen Beach Movie, delivered 5.8 million viewers, the best series debut for the network in nearly three years, said network officials. 

Most Watched Disney Channel Original Movies (Total Viewers)

MovieDate Total Viewers

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2                                            8/17/07                                17.2 million

WIZARDS OF WAVERLY MOVIE                                     8/28/09                                11.7 million

CAMP ROCK                                                                  6/20/08                                8.8 million

PRINCESS PROTECTION PROGRAM                               6/26/09                                8.5 million

TEEN BEACH MOVIE                                                    7/19/13                             8.4 million

JUMP IN!                                                                       1/12/07                                8.1 million

CAMP ROCK 2 - FINAL JAM                                            9/03/10                                7.9 million

CHEETAH GIRLS 2                                                         8/25/06                                7.8 million

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL                                               1/20/06                                7.7 million

CADET KELLY                                                                3/8/02                                  7.7 million

Source: Disney Channel