Teens Want Their ESPN


A new research study from Teenage Research Unlimited found that male
teen-agers' favorite television network is -- no, not MTV: Music Television --

Those teens, aged 12 through 19, did rank MTV a very close second,

The researcher said 15.1 percent of the 1,053 male teens surveyed called
ESPN/ESPN2 tops, versus 14.7 percent for MTV.

Fox and Cartoon Network followed, also in a tight race at 11.6 percent and
11.5 percent, respectively.

ESPN announced the results of that survey and other recent surveys to drive
home the idea that it is a solid favorite among young people.

A Harris Interactive Inc. survey, released in 2000, for instance, said the
most appealing sports events among kids aged six through 17 are the Olympic
Games and ESPN's X Games, in that order.

And the programmer cited Nielsen Media Research data in noting that last
summer's X Games coverage was watched by 5 million teens, 3.6 million of them