Terayon, Cisco Land Gear Deals


Terayon Communication Systems Inc.'s latest cable modem will be lighting up
Time Warner Cable's Florida system under a deal announced Monday.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Terayon will supply its 'TJ 615' modem, which is
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1-certified and capable of
supporting the new DOCSIS 2.0 standard, as well.

Time Warner's Florida system is the third-largest cable system for the MSO,
with more than 710,000 basic-cable subscribers and passing more than 1.1 million

'As a DOCSIS 1.1-certified and DOCSIS 2.0-based modem, the Terayon TJ 615
gives us the ability to deliver new broadband services that require the greater
performance and resistance to noise interference of DOCSIS 2.0,' said John
Walsh, vice president of engineering for Time Warner Cable's central Florida
division, in a release.

DOCSIS 2.0 uses advanced physical-layer technology to triple the upstream
bandwidth and clear up signal interference for cable-data systems.

Elsewhere, Charter Communications Inc. is using DOCSIS 1.1-qualified
cable-modem-termination systems from Cisco Systems Inc. as part of its migration
to an all-Internet-protocol network.

Charter is already using the 'uBR10012' units in Tennessee, South Carolina,
Michigan, California, Wisconsin and Missouri.

The MSO is expanding its network to add more customers in IP-enabled systems.
That includes migrating over existing legacy systems to IP.