Terayon May Lay Off Up to 50%


Battling through a tough market that has pummeled its partners and
competitors alike, Terayon Communication Systems Inc. will lay off between 35
percent and 50 percent of its staff within the next two weeks, sources familiar
with the situation said, according to CED magazine.

At the end of 2002, Terayon employed 487 people worldwide, handling product
lines such as cable modems, cable-modem-termination-system equipment and
digital-video gear.

Employees at Terayon's silicon spinoff, Imedia Semiconductor, were included
in that total.

It wasn't immediately clear how the layoffs would impact Terayon's different

A Terayon spokesman would not comment specifically about any imminent layoffs
at the company. "We are always looking at the state of the business and the
economy," he said. "We make decisions based on that. There's nothing that we're
announcing at this time."

A source familiar with the situation at Terayon said the decision to cut
staff is due to an overall slow market, but it was particularly tied to the
cable industry's slow migration to Data Over Cable Service Interface
Specification 2.0.