Terayon, nCUBE Add High-Def Ads


Terayon Communication Systems Inc. and nCUBE have developed a way to bring
digital ad insertion into the high-definition world.

The two companies announced that they will demonstrate at upcoming cable
events a system that combines digital program-insertion technology developed by
the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers with high-definition
transmission formats.

An ongoing demo system has been up and running for more than five days,
delivering HD ads every two minutes into an HDTV stream with no errors,
according to the companies.

The recently solidified SCTE standard provides digital cues for ads,
replacing the older analog cue-tone system. This allows cable operators to
insert standard-definition digital ads into their digital programming

Terayon's and nCUBE's project extends that to high-definition formats. The
system combines Terayon's new 'DM 6400 Network CherryPicker' ad inserter with
nCUBE's 'DPI Premium System,' which stores advertisements in a digital

Triggered by the digital cue, the DPI Premium fires off the ad to the
CherryPicker, which then aligns the ad's bit rate to the program-stream bit rate
and splices it into the stream.

'Fortunately, the work we have done with nCUBE shows that the SCTE's DPI
standards -- which were originally developed for SD digital ad insertion -- can
work for HD, as well,' said Mark Jeffery, senior product-line manager for
Terayon's digital-video solutions, in a release.