Texas Show Alive and Kicking


Organizers of one of the few remaining regional cable shows reported that
their event is alive, well and ready for its 2003 edition next week.

The Texas Cable & Telecommunication Association's annual show, now dubbed
the "CableConnects 2003 Regional Broadband and Technical Expo," should draw
about 1,900 attendees.

That would be on par with 2002's attendance level, president and chief
operating officer Amanda Batson said.

In December, the TCTA board decided to make the San Antonio meeting --
scheduled Feb. 18 through 21 -- a more regional affair. Invitations went out to
potential vendors and operators in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as to
international companies.

Batson said attendees will arrive from 23 states and countries, including the
manager of a cable operation at a U.S. Navy base in Iceland.

To attract new and continuing attendees, the show has expanded its sessions
on basic business issues, from customer service to technical operations.

The Texas group also drew on the expertise of sister organizations, so the
Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing will present a program
on how to drive the digital-TV business.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association and the American
Cable Association will also be represented.