Thanks for Making a Real Difference


The return of The Cable Show to New Orleans is a great milestone in the rebirth of New Orleans.

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s early commitment to bringing the show back to New Orleans was noteworthy, as is the industry’s continuing role in helping the Crescent City rebuild itself and its strong reputation as a destination city.

A collaboration between 14 cable multiple-system operators, 51 programmers, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp., New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, Louisiana Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu and other elected officials, along with Cox Communications and Cox Newspapers, helped orchestrate a rapid revival of tourism, the city’s lifeblood.

The industry’s $15 million donation in advertising support for NOTMC’s award-winning “Fall in Love with New Orleans All Over Again” campaign provided a much needed infusion of spirit to this beloved city.

The result? More than $1.4 billion in visitor spending, as tourists came back to New Orleans for its great food and music, unique culture and still-breathtaking architecture. The NOTMC credits the cable industry for this dramatic increase in hotel occupancy and airport landings — almost back to pre-Katrina levels.

There has been similar leadership within Cox itself, from individuals such as Brad Grundmeyer. A Cox Communications employee and lifelong New Orleans resident, Brad recognized the need for contributions from both individual volunteers and private companies for New Orleans’s ongoing revitalization.

To this end, Brad created a new program, “Volunteer New Orleans,” to get both contributors involved in meaningful ways. Cox New Orleans set the example as the first participating local company to allow each employee to receive a paid day off in exchange for a day of community volunteerism. Other like-minded businesses followed suit and their employees are working together to make a tangible difference.

Visit to learn more about how this initiative brings together nonprofit organizations, businesses and schools towards common goals.

Please consider volunteering your time to help build a playground, wire an elementary school, paint and landscape a high school, or put books back on the shelves at our school libraries. Your time will make a difference.

On behalf of all of your cable colleagues in New Orleans, thank you for wrapping your arms so generously around the Crescent City and its needs after the storm. Thank you for joining in the tourism campaign, and thank you for volunteering to help restore this beloved city.

Your ongoing commitment and enthusiasm for the still-daunting task of rebuilding is truly inspiring.

We who live and work here are looking forward to seeing you at The Cable Show and are proud to be part of an industry that has a heart — and keeps demonstrating it.