Theme Time for Discovery Times


As part of its strategy to air themed original programming, Discovery Times
-- the joint venture service of Discovery Communications Inc. and The New York
Times Co., which is being relaunched March 25 -- will serve up fare centering on
Hollywood and late-night television in May and the presidency and the White
House in June.

Discovery Times senior vice president and general manager Vivian Schiller
said the network is working on a project with The New York Times TV
writer Bill Carter about late-night comedy that explores the daypart's changing
economics, as well as its evolving cultural aspects.

Schiller said the piece will showcase the development process through the
premiere of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the new ABC entry that bowed Jan. 26. "We
got great access, and Kimmel's show will serve as the narrative thread
throughout," she added.

Additionally, Schiller said the digital network, formerly known as Discovery
Civilization Channel, is developing original programming about the U.S.
presidency for June.

In April, it will feature fare centering on the automobile, according to