There Is a ‘U’ in Start-Up

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College campuses in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom may see a new cable network for their September semesters.

The U Network said Tuesday that it has already signed with more than 100 campuses, representing more than 11 million potential viewers.

The privately held network will feature programming from student artists, including drama, comedy, music, art and politics. It will also feature the first national collegiate-news show.

TUN added that about one-half of its in-house programming will be co-produced with college students majoring in film or television, and the other half will be produced completely by college students.

“We will quickly become the minor league to the entertainment industry," founder and CEO Shane Walker said in a prepared statement. “Film festivals don't give student artists the exposure they deserve. The U Network will bring this untapped talent to the industry, to the public and to the student's peers worldwide.”

TUN is based in Muncie, Ind., and it has a Washington, D.C., bureau in Leesburg, Va. The network also plans to open production studios in Orlando, Fla., along with a London office.