ThinkAnalytics Connects With The Internet Video Archive

ThinkAnalytics Links Its Video Recommendation Engine To IVA’s Vault Of Entertainment Metadata
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ThinkAnalytics and the Internet Video Archive have inked a metadata matching deal under which IVA’s entertainment info will be paired with ThinkAnalytics’s search and recommendations engine for set-tops and mobile devices.

The joint platform aims to help consumers discovery content by pairing personalized search and recommendations with embedded movie trailers, previews, and interviews from the IVA vault, which includes about one million video files.

Under the deal, U.K.-based ThinkAnalytics is matching IVA’s content with its metadata libraries for ThinkTV (10,000 “moods,” tags and keywords), ThinkMovies (500,000 movie titles) and ThinkSports (covering 50 sports in more than 20 countries).

“Trailers and previews help connect consumers to additional purchase options, and are key to delivering new content recommendations tailored to the individual, across platforms and devices,” said Christy Martin, ThinkAnalytics’s chief technology advisor, in a statement.

IVA’s affiliate network includes companies such as Comcast, Fandango (which is owned by Comcast), B&, The New York Times, Flixster and Sony Electronics.

ThinkAnalytics’s announced customers include Cox Communications, Fox, Liberty Global, BSkyB, Swisscom, Unitymedia in Germany, Zon in Portugal, and Nordic operator Canal Digital, among others.