ThinkAnalytics Plugs Recommendations Into Microsoft IPTV System


ThinkAnalytics is working to integrate its TV recommendations engine into Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV platform, though the company won’t say which operator or operators requested the feature.

AT&T is the largest pay-TV provider that has deployed the Mediaroom platform. A ThinkAnalytics spokeswoman said, “We have joint customer work underway [with Microsoft], but we’re not at liberty to disclose details at this time.”

Through the joint development work, the ThinkAnalytics engine will let providers using Mediaroom deliver recommendations across IP-based video services. Features will include support for multiple viewer profiles and contextual applications, both on the main screen and ancillary devices.

“Our ability to build multiple profiles per set-top box allows us to have unique recommendations for each person in a household,” ThinkAnalytics founder and CTO Peter Docherty said. “Bringing together live TV metadata with set-top box viewing histories, combined with [Microsoft] Mediaroom TV services, delivers very compelling and richer discovery and recommendations results for any video-enabled device.” 

Worldwide, more than 40 operators have deployed Microsoft Mediaroom-based TV services to more than 16 million set-top boxes. Those include AT&T -- which had 4.15 million U-verse TV subscribers in service as of the end of June -- Deutsche Telekom and Telus.

ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine has been deployed by more than 25 service providers, including Liberty Global, BSkyB, Virgin Media, ITV and Telenet, representing more than 70 million licensed subscribers.