Thomson Joins HLIs Modem Posse


Sunnyvale, Calif. -- Harmonic Lightwaves Inc. last week
added a third consumer-electronics partner to its cable-modem-interoperability program:
Thomson Consumer Electronics Inc.

Thomson, notably, is also a member of a similar program
initiated by Cisco Systems Inc. last fall.

As part of the new alliance with Harmonic, Thomson said it
will work closely with Harmonic to ensure interoperability of each other's DOCSIS
(Data Over Cable Service/Interoperability Specification) products, as well as to identify
and pursue joint sales and marketing opportunities.

There is also a third interoperability camp, anchored by
3Com Corp. and Bay Networks Inc. But at a press briefing in December, all three groups --
Bay, Cisco and Harmonic -- issued the equivalent of a verbal group hug, saying that they
will not isolate themselves and that they will instead work together to ensure that
cable-modem products, regardless of vendor or camp, are interoperable.