Through the Wire


Contributors: Mike Reynolds, Steve Donohue.

Come for Awards, Stay for the Schwag

The Wire continued to be floored by the bevy of wares offered up to celebs just for showing up at an award-show taping. Guess it isn't enough that they might actually win an award.

Participants at this year's MTV Movie Awards were treated to a network-appropriate bounty: Personal beer deliveries from Dos Equis; T-shirts emblazoned with “I love MTV” spelled out in Swarovski crystals; membership in Blockbuster Online, a service that allows members to order DVD rentals to be sent to their homes (for the nights they are not at free screenings, presumably); and a Humax DVD player and recorder equipped with TiVo technology.

But wait — there's more. Free nights at a “holistic retreat and spa” in Mexico; a round trip on a luxury seaplane flying between New York City and East Hampton, N.Y.; personal-care kits for guys, including a product called (we're not making this up) Control Guck-in-a-Puck Hard; jeans; Frye boots; sneakers; lingerie; and a chance to design one's own watch.

And we'd love to be a mouse in the corner when, say, Eminem takes advantage of the offer from Baskin-Robbins to hold an ice-cream party for himself and up to 50 friends. Somehow he doesn't seem to be the ice-cream-cone clown type.

WE Goes to Extremes Over Brides and Cake

WE let them eat cake. Actually, WE let them dive, climb, crawl, dig into and in some cases throw frosted confection — 20 feet worth of wedding cake from Cake Man Raven, Brooklyn's baker to the stars. The location was the U.S. Army Recruitment Island in Times Square, and the date was June 7. Twenty engaged women in gowns, as part of a publicity stunt to tout the second-season premiere of Bridezillas (June 12 at 10 p.m.), the WE: Women's Entertainment series about stressed-out brides to be, rooted around in the frosted monstrosity in search of little plastic boxes holding a ticket.

After the girls got busy knocking off the cake's penultimate layer, stole boxes from one another and otherwise made a mess of themselves, WE GM Kim Martin drew No. 11, which made Gina Savastano quite happy. The Monroe, N.Y., resident declared she would use her $50,000 prize to refurbish her house and hold her wedding to Cito Perez there.

Following a trip with Martin inside to the set of Good Morning America across the street (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and SportsCenter all did segments), Savastano returned to the messy scene, where she then stated that the money would be used to renovate her home and that she would be saving the rest. Not quite a Bridezilla moment, but brides have been known to change their minds.

Wire Turns Other Way When VH1 Casts Lure

VH1 is apparently preparing a humorous dating series, which in one episode could feature urban anglers in New York City giving dating advice while fishing for striped bass.

A Wire correspondent caught word of the show when he got a call last Wednesday from a producer at an outside production company who was looking for an angler to take a Jewish man from New York fishing in the East River — that afternoon.

The scene: “You would give him advice on dating, fishing and life in general,” the producer said.

The Wire correspondent likes to fish in that same river, but his beat includes coverage of VH1 and other networks. So he bowed out, using the conflict as an excuse to avoid appearing in a reality show. But he did put the producer in touch with the owner of a bait store in Harlem who knows dozens of urban anglers who could take the bait.