TI Chips Away at ‘Fire Wire’


Texas Instruments Inc. Wednesday introduced a single-chip option for playing with “Fire Wire.”

The company said its “TSB43DA42” and “TSB43DB42” give designers of multimedia applications such as set-top boxes, DVD player/recorders, digital-TV sets and digital VCRs an off-the-shelf component that facilitates the communication of compressed audiovisual data and digital audio according to the International Engineering Consortium’s “IEC61883” standard.

“In the consumer-electronics market, it is necessary that devices be able to communicate A/V data efficiently and effectively," said Cecelia Smith, marketing manager for TI's consumer-networking group, in a prepared statement.

“With cost-effective integration, fast transmit speeds and high levels of content protection, TI's technology meets this and many more industry requirements,” she added.

The two chips are currently available. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $8.25 for the TSB43DA42 and $7.85 for the TSB43DB42, TI said.