TI Enhances VoIP Software


Texas Instruments Inc. said it has added new software support for voice-over-Internet-protocol embedded multimedia-terminal adapters that feature improved support for fax machines and other telephone equipment.

TI said the software meets Cable Television Laboratories Inc.’s PacketCable 1.5 requirements, which define call signaling, quality of service, codecs, client provisioning, billing event-message collection, public-switched-telephone-network interconnection and security interfaces.

The software will allow subscribers to send faxes more reliably and to extend battery-backup capabilities.

In other tech news, video-on-demand-server provider Kasenna Inc. said it ported its “MediaBase” platform to 64-bit processing architecture.

The company said it used Intel Corp. “Xeon” 64-bit processors to achieve 3.2 gigabits of streaming (853 streams at 3.75 megabits) from a dual-central-processing-unit, three-rack unit.

Kasenna said the 64-bit architecture allows for more powerful applications, such as network digital-video recorders.