TI Paints DaVinci Integration


Texas Instruments announced the integration of several vendors’ technologies with its DaVinci platform, which is based on a single digital-signal processor and which provides Internet-protocol set-top and video-telephony functionality.

TI said it extended application-programming interfaces to grant existing set-top applications access into the framework, so that “designing a converged IPTV set-top box with video-telephony functionality becomes a matter of introducing new software.”

ANT’s Galio “enables interactive content applications that control everything from video-on-demand interfaces to dynamic news, information and communication applications,” TI added.

RADVISION supplied its Multimedia Terminal Framework, which provides best-of-class, fully-interoperable session-initiation-protocol (SIP) stack and call-control management.

Widevine Technologies’ Cypher Virtual SmartCard will secure content processed by TI's DaVinci technology.

Amino Technologies’ IntAct unit announced that its IPTV software stack and MPEG-4 AVC codecs are now being demonstrated on TI's DaVinci technology.

And China-based set-top manufacturer Konka Group developed a new IPTV box, the IPB5310, based on DaVinci.