Time Is Ripe for Cable Connections


In October 2007, at the request of cable-industry CEOs, a handful of industry leaders came together to discuss a realignment of conventions, conferences, meetings and events. Our objective: to better manage the time and resources spent by cable executives in getting to and from, and participating in, these functions. Our efforts were less about saving money and more about saving time and improving focus.

Fast-forward to the world of today, where the economic crisis makes our earlier talks seem prescient. The plan to realign meetings into two weeks — one in spring and one in fall — is not only time-efficient, but financially prudent. The quality programs and events we’ve staged over the years truly met industry needs during that period. But a single employee would have needed to make 12 separate trips with 12 sets of travel costs, and spend up to 36 nights in hotels, to enjoy the benefits of all these programs. In 2009, that same employee should need just two separate trips, two sets of travel costs and a maximum of 17 hotel nights to enjoy the same benefits. Imagine the savings.

This realignment also will offer better opportunities to experience the many aspects of cable, build stronger relationships and strengthen the sharing and learning that are the hallmarks of our industry. Next year is just the staring point, as we continue to evaluate opportunities for efficiencies and further improve our collaboration.

Shortly, we’ll announce detailed schedules for Cable Connection Spring and Cable Connection Fall in 2009. For now, please mark your calendar for two very important weeks: April 1 to 7 in Washington, D.C., featuring events from NCTA, SCTE, WICT, CableLabs, CTAM, Cable Positive, NAMIC, the Cable Television Pioneers, ACC, The Cable Center, and the Walter Kaitz Foundation; and October 25 to 30 in Denver, featuring events by CTAM, NAMIC, ACC, SCTE, The Cable Center, the Walter Kaitz Foundation, CableLabs, and WICT. For more specifics, visit www.cableconnectionweek.com.

Our programs and initiatives promote public service, demonstrate the impressive ways that cable gives back to its communities, and enhance the value of cable for customers and viewers. We will sustain and enlarge that work. Through the new Cable Connections weeks, we’ll serve this industry more efficiently and effectively in the challenging economic environment of today and tomorrow.

Kyle McSlarrow, CEO, National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Char Beales, CEO, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing

Marv Nelson, Interim CEO, Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers

Richard R. Green, CEO, CableLabs

Kathy Johnson, President, National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, CEO, Women in Cable Telecommunications

David Porter, Executive Director, Walter Kaitz Foundation

Steve Villano, CEO, Cable Positive

Larry Satkowiak, CEO, The Cable Center

Steve Jones, Executive Director, Association of Cable Communicators

Sean Cunningham, CEO, Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau

Les Read, Executive Director, Cable Television Pioneers