Time Warner Adds Regional ISPs


In its drive to comply with Federal Trade Commission requirements, Time
Warner Cable has added three more regional Internet-service providers to its
list of cable-modem partners.

In Wisconsin, it has paired up with Athenet Data Exchange, the state's
largest independent ISP. The MSO launched Athenet's 'ACES' high-speed
cable-modem access Tuesday in Green Bay, Fox Cities, Oskosh, Marinette,
Menominee and several surrounding communities. Plans are to launch ACES in
Milwaukee later this month for a combined homes-passed total of 568,000.

In Nebraska, Time Warner has inked a deal with Internet Nebraska to launch
cable-modem service in Lincoln, York, Columbus, Fremont, Nebraska City,
Fairbury, Seward and surrounding communities. The rollout will pass
approximately 110,000 customers.

Planetkc/ Web One Inc. will also be riding on Time Warner's plant. The
largest locally owned and operated ISP in Kansas City will launch in the Kansas
and Missouri side of that city, along with 52 surrounding communities.

'Time Warner Cable continues to lead the industry in terms of making multiple
ISPs available to its customers,' chairman and CEO Glenn Britt said in a
release. 'Customers want choice, and we are providing the kind of choice in
broadband services that we have long provided in video networks.'

He added, 'Moreover, the introduction of multiple ISPs, like the introduction
of multiple premium-TV channels 30 years ago, has provided a boost to this
entire business.'

The three new ISP partners join five others that have signed on in local

An FTC requirement in the Time Warner Inc.-America Online Inc. merger
required that the MSO eventually offer at least three alternative ISPs in each
of its cable-modem markets.

The MSO has already introduced EarthLink Inc. and AOL service, along with its
in-house Road Runner service, in all of its 39 cable-modem markets, and now the
work is to acquire regional ISPs to complete the list.