Time Warner Bows Spanish On-Demand Pack


New York -- Time Warner Cable Los Angeles this week rolled out an on-demand package of Spanish-language services, according to Michael Diamond, group vice president of competitive strategies at the MSO.

Under the banner of Nuestra Tele on Demand, the MSO’s digital-cable subscribers in the area for no extra charge can access a channel (1097) or go through the system’s On Demand Central interface.

Nuestra Tele on Demand features a mix of three services: Video Rola, sounding regional Mexican music; HTV, a music-video channel offering an array of genres; and Infinito, mixing “obscure, unknown and unexpected” programming. The latter features content exploring unexplained mysteries, alternative medicines and spirituality themes, according to a system spokesman.

Speaking at Horowitz Associates Inc.’s 5th Annual Forum: State of Cable and Broadband at the Marriott Marquis here, Diamond said that in a TV world still hamstrung by bandwidth constraints, this offering was reflective of a programming approach that provides relevant content to relevant audiences.

Time Warner Cable Los Angeles counts some 350,000 subscribers, more than 75% of whom have digital cable.