Time Warner Cable Carolina To Stream HS Football Title Game

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Fort Bragg soldiers, currently deployed overseas, will be able to watch their sons play in a North Carolina State high school football championship game, with a hand from Time Warner Cable.

The operator's News14.com site will stream the 4AA title game between Jack Britt and David Butler on Dec. 12 at 7:30 p.m. (ET); the game will also be shown live on News14.
"Time Warner Cable and News 14 Carolina want to do everything we can to support our troops so courageously protecting our country," said Alan Mason, vice president and general manager, News 14 Carolina. "We understand how hard it is for parents to be away from their children, especially during the holidays and other special events. It is our hope that by streaming this game live on News14.com, soldiers can experience the play by play action as if they were able to cheer on their sons from the sidelines."
""North Carolina has a highly concentrated military presence and to provide the opportunity for men and women serving overseas to watch their sons play in this championship game is a tremendous opportunity and service provided by Time Warner Cable," said Karen DeHart, assistant executive director, North Carolina High School Athletic Association. "The NCHSAA is proud to be affiliated with Time Warner Cable and to be a part of bringing the Britt vs. Butler game to North Carolina-based troops bravely serving our nation."
Tapping another advanced service, the operator will make all all eight state title games available for viewing on Time Warner Cable's Carolina on Demand, Channel 1234, kicking off Dec. 15..