Time Warner Cable Faces New Retrans Battle


Shortly after ending its nine-day impasse with Hearst Television, Time Warner Cable is gearing up for another retransmission consent battle, this time with four Meredith Corp., stations in Kansas City, Mo., Springfield, Mass., and Nashville, Tenn.
Time Warner Cable reached a retransmission consent agreement with 15 Hearst Television stations in 13 markets on Friday,after the stations had been dark to its customers for about nine days. The latest battle involves Meredith stations in Kansas City, Mo. (KCTV-CBS and KSMO-MyNetwork TV), Springfield, Mass., (WSHM-CBS); and Nashville, (WSMV-NBC).
On its website, KCTV said that it would go dark to Time Warner Cable customers at midnight on July 25 of a deal is not reached.
"Please know that we have tried very hard to reach an agreement with Time Warner Cable, so that our viewers would not have to miss any of our stations' around-the-clock reporting of news, politics, traffic, weather emergencies, public service announcements, and favorite local and national programming," KCTV said in a statement, adding that if the channel is blacked out viewers would miss out on Kansas City Chiefs' pre-season football, and prime time shows like The Mentalist, Big Bank Theory and 60 Minutes. "We are disappointed in the outcome of our negotiations especially since we have successfully reached agreements with every major cable and satellite company that recognizes our fair market value."
Time Warner Cable, on its "Time Warner Conversations" website claims that Meredith is asking for a 200% increase in rates. Meredith has countered that it is only asking for pennies per day.
"Nonetheless, customers should know that we are in negotiations with Meredith, and are hopeful that we'll reach an agreement without any interruption to customer viewing," TWC said in a statement.