Time Warner Cable Hits 100 HD Channels In Central New York


Time Warner Cable's Central New York Division began offering its customers in the Syracuse-area the ability to watch up to 100 high-definition channels as of May 31.

In addition, Time Warner Cable said in late June it will begin delivering its own locally produced, exclusive programming -- its 24-hour local news channel News 10 Now and Time Warner Cable Sports network -- in the high-definition format.

The company said it will offer 100 HD channels everywhere in its Central New York Division, including the southern tier, the Utica/Rome area and northern New York systems, with the addition of more HD channels later in June.

The operator freed up capacity to offer 100 HDs by using technologies including switched digital video, which delivers programming only when it's requested by a subscriber.

The 100-HD channel count includes all available networks, including optional "premium" networks like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz for which a subscription is required. An HD-capable converter is required to receive HD programming available, at the same rate as a non-HD converter.

In New York City, Time Warner Cable passed the 100-HD mark in February.