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Time Warner Cable Phone Customer Can Make Free Calls To Haiti

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Time Warner Cable is offering free calls to calls for Haiti through February.
The No. 2 cable operator's digital phone customers can call the nation, devastated by earthquakes, for no cost until the end of next month. The plan -- covering direct dial calls, but not those made to operators or seeking directory assistance -- was instituted on Jan. 12.
Customers who are making calls to Haiti during the period do not need to make any changes in order to take advantage of this program, which covers any Time Warner Cable Digital Phone subscriber. Customers who have received bills before the implementation of the program will have their accounts credited, with no need to call a customer service representative.
Time Warner Cable estimates that the program will provide $200,000 worth of relief to affected customers.
The program, available for both landline and cellular calls, was created by customer service supervisor Gary Pullen.

"In the wake of the disaster in Haiti, I noticed a sharp uptick in customers who were worried about how much their phone bills would be as a result of trying to reach and console friends and family on the ground," said Pullen in a statement. "I think it's important that we be there for our customers in their time of need."

Noted Time Warner Cable COO Landel Hobbs: "Gary exemplifies Time Warner Cable's efforts to be a true member of the communities we serve. I hope that this terrific idea removes a small measure of worry from our customers with friends and family in Haiti, who have plenty to worry about right now."