Time Warner Cable Pulls Out of Kaitz Dinner

Takes Name Off Dinner, But Will Move Funds to Foundation
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Time Warner Cable is following Comcast's lead and has pulled its funding and sponsorship of this year's Kaitz Dinner Sept. 17 in New York.

It is not making an announcement, though it will probably send formal notification next week, said a source familiar with the situation. But they added that the leadership of Kaitz had been notified that TWC did not want its name on the dinner, and would redirect its funding.

The dinner is a way for the cable industry to raise money for its diversity programs, but Comcast's and Time Warner Cable's decades-long funding of the dinner — as the industry's largest cable ops — came under scrutiny in the media following a blog posting by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) dated Aug. 11 about the sponsorships, given that FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn was being honored at the and would also be helping decide whether Comcast and Time Warner Cable would be able to merge.

Comcast earlier today said it had pulled its name off the dinner and would instead give $110,000 — it had not yet contributed its dinner funding — to the Walter Kaitz Foundation and its overarching diversity efforts. TWC indicated to Kaitz that it wanted the funding it had already given for the dinner to be redirected to the foundation.

"It is unfortunate that our long-standing sponsorship of this fund-raising event dedicated to advancing diversity in cable has been mischaracterized by a few," said a company spokesperson. "We are redirecting our giving in the cable dinner to the foundation's unrestricted funds for their programs. Time Warner Cable will not be recognized as a sponsor."