Time Warner Cable Pushes Access


Time Warner Cable is pushing ahead with open-access deployments, announcing
launches of America Online Inc.'s 'High-Speed Broadband' service in Cincinnati,
timed with launches of EarthLink Network Inc. both there and in Greensboro,

The 600,000 Time Warner subscribers in Cincinnati will have various service
options from which to choose.

Subscribers can get AOL High-Speed Broadband for $44.95 per month for
unlimited use of their broadband accounts and $2.95 per hour for dial-up use.
Users can get unlimited broadband connectivity and unlimited access to AOL's
dial-up connections worldwide from any location for $54.95 per month.

EarthLink said it will charge $41.95 in both markets for speeds up to 2
megabits per second downstream and 384 kilobits per second upstream. EarthLink
said Time Warner serves 527,535 subscribers.

AOL users will see a 'High-Speed AOL' icon on their AOL 7.0 welcome screens,
which will lead them to video- and audio-streamed content from various news,
sports, movie, weather and music providers.