Time Warner Cable Rolling Out TNT in HD


Time Warner Cable said Tuesday that it will roll out Turner Network Television’s HDTV feed.

The rollout will begin with game one of the National Basketball Association’s Western Conference Finals May 21.

"TNT's collection of live sports, originals and top-rated content is even more compelling when viewed in high-def," Time Warner Cable chief marketing officer Chuck Ellis said in a prepared statement.

"TNT in HD makes a perfect complement to our ever-expanding value-added HDTV package, which is available to our customers at no additional cost,” he added.

The MSO’s HDTV tier also includes programming from ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, The WB Television Network, UPN, NBA TV, Discovery HD Theater and select Fox Sports Net regional networks.

TNT in HD is broadcast in 1080i (interlaced) 24 hours a day with all content in native HD or upconverted to HD, including commercials.