Time Warner Cable Streams Five More Nets Into iPad App


In the latest revamp, Time Warner Cable on Friday afternoon said it will add five more networks -- Bloomberg TV, PBS Kids Sprout, Hallmark Movie Channel, Current TV and TruTV -- to its iPad streaming video app over the next 12 hours, and Turner Broadcasting System issued a statement throwing its support behind the MSO's new service.

The additions are the latest in a series of switcheroos for the cable operator's TWCable TV for iPad app.

The app has been popular with the MSO's customers but not among all programmers: Discovery Communications, Fox Cable Networks and Viacom demanded their programming be dropped from the app and TWC complied with those demands on Thursday.

The additional networks bring the lineup to 42 channels, available to TWC customers who take both broadband and expanded basic (or higher) over a home Wi-Fi connection to an iPad for no additional charge.

In addition to TruTV, Time Warner Cable will soon make Turner's TNT and Cartoon Network available through the app. TBS will sit out until the cable operator is able to accommodate blackout restrictions required by Major League Baseball; ESPN also has cited the need to enforce blackouts to explain why it isn't currently in the mix.

In a statement, Turner said, "Time Warner Cable's iPad application enables the delivery of our linear networks to Time Warner Cable's existing video customers using IP-based home networking technology and allows those customers to watch our live linear networks on a device located within the home, and we, therefore, agreed to allow them to expand the number of networks that they are making available for this application as this is consistent with the agreement we have with Time Warner Cable."

The MSO has offered Turner's CNN and HLN in the app since its March
15 debut. Turner is an erstwhile corporate cousin of TWC under parent
Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner Cable on Thursday pulled a dozen channels from the app
after receiving cease-and-desist notices from Discovery,
Fox and Viacom. The networks removed were: Discovery's
Animal Planet, Discovery and TLC; Fox's FX and National Geographic
Channel; and Viacom's BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nick, Spike and

Then overnight, the cable company added 17 networks, from programmers including Disney/ESPN, Comcast Networks and Rainbow Media.

Programmers that have objected to the TWC iPad app, which also includes Scripps Networks, argue that the service is not covered under existing carriage agreements and require negotiating additional distribution rights.

Time Warner Cable has repeatedly asserted that is within its rights to deliver programming to subscribers in their homes, to any screen they choose. According to the cable operator, more than 300,000 customers have downloaded the app.

TWC this week launched a website, IWantMyTWCableTVApp.com, to make its case in the court of public opinion about why its customers have the right to use the iPad to watch cable TV programming they've subscribed to.