Time Warner Cable Takes Steps To Respond To Hurricane Irene

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With more than 5.9 million residential and business customers along the east coast, Time Warner Cable is girding for the potentially devastating impact of Hurricane Irene.

Time Warner Cable, serving subscribers from the Carolinas to New England, has placed business recovery unit trailers in key locations along the East Coast so restoration efforts can begin as soon as it is safe to enter potentially impacted areas. These trailers, according to the MSO, house everything from fiber, generators and chainsaws to emergency supplies for crews, such as tents, flashlights and water.

"We know our residential and business customers rely on our digital phone, Internet and cable services to stay connected to information and each other, particularly during severe weather and we are committed to getting customers back on line as soon as it is safe to do so," said Mike Munley, president of residential service, Time Warner Cable East in a statement.

With more than 17,000 employees throughout the East, Time Warner Cable is also implementing the following measures to assist customers in the event of severe weather:

* Technicians have extra equipment and fuel on hand;

* Generators have been tested and backup power equipment is prepared for deployment;

* Additional technicians, maintenance, construction and customer service representatives are scheduled around the clock;

* Call center employees up and down the East Coast are ready to answer customer calls, online chat and Tweets from impacted areas; and

* Work-from-home representatives will take customer calls from their living rooms.

TWC said that technicians across the East can be quickly mobilized to provide support to the impacted areas that need the most help. Moreover it  can call in employees from other states to afford assistance if necessary.

Time Warner Cable's automated phone system will tell customers if it knows about an outage in their area. If they don't hear about the outage impacting their neighborhood, they can report it by telling the system their services are out. Residential customers can call: 1-866-4-TWCNOW. In addition, outage information is available at www.yourtwc.com/storm. The latest developments can also be tracked on Twitter, @TWCCarolinas.

For customers of Time Warner Cable Business Class, the 24/7 support team is available to assist by calling 1-877-892-2220.