Time Warner Cable's NY1 Preps 24-Hour Traffic Channel


Time Warner Cable's Big Apple subscribers will soon be able to get "rail and road" updates on TV around the clock.

The cable operator's NY1 local news network plans to launch a dedicated channel providing traffic and commuter information for the New York metropolitan area as soon as Aug. 18.

With the launch of NY1 Traffic, TWC is looking to add another service unavailable from competitors -- particularly Verizon, which continues to expand FiOS throughout the New York area.

NY1 Traffic is tentatively set to debut on channel 104 in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, and on channel 91 for New Jersey and Hudson Valley subscribers.

Initially, the 24-hour channel will consist of traffic and rail maps, updated every 5 minutes, with separate feeds across four different zones (for Manhattan and Brooklyn; Queens; Staten Island; and Hudson Valley), said Larry Rochman, a senior producer at NY1.

Asked whether the traffic channel was in response to FiOS, Rochman said, "We certainly want to show that with Time Warner Cable you get a lot more options."

The data for the NY1 Traffic feeds will be supplied by Beat the Traffic, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based provider of traffic data formally known as Triangle Software LLC, which currently supplies the traffic info for the main NY1 channel.

A logo for NY1 Traffic is in the works, Rochman added.

Cablevision Systems, which also is exposed to FiOS expansion in the New York metro area, has similarly emphasized that its News12 and MSG Varsity programming is exclusively available to its cable TV subscribers.

Verizon has launched its own FiOS1 local news, weather and traffic service in New Jersey and on Long Island, but has not indicated when it might introduce a version for New York City.