Time Warner Delays NFL Network Drop


Time Warner Cable said Friday that it will continue carrying NFL Network on systems it recently acquired from Adelphia Communications and Comcast until Sept. 15. The cable distributor, which had previously said it would drop the channel Sept. 3 at midnight, is notifying customers of the extended distribution through local advertising.

Time Warner’s plans to drop the channel would impact more than 1 million former Adelphia and Comcast subscribers that receive the channel under deals Adelphia and Comcast reached previously with the NFL.

“The encouraging thing is yesterday [Thursday], for the first time, discussions took place about leaving this channel up in the interim, and we can get back to the negotiating table,” NFL spokesman Seth Palansky said Friday.

Time Warner Cable spokesman Keith Cocozza said that an interim agreement with the NFL had not been reached. But by continuing to carry the channel until Sept. 15, the parties have more time to discuss a potential deal.

The NFL took its fight to maintain distribution on the former Adelphia and Comcast systems to the Federal Communications early last month. On August 3, the FCC ordered Time Warner to continue carrying NFL Network on the systems for an addition 30 days.

While that deadline expires Sept. 3 at midnight, Time Warner said Friday that it will not drop the channel until Sept. 15, at the earliest.