Time Warner Division Nixes CWA


Workers at Time Warner Cable's Mid-South division, based in Memphis, Tenn.,
have rejected an attempt to join the Communications Workers of America.

The CWA began its attempt to unionize the shop when workers contacted it. The
union envisioned a bargaining unit of about 110 workers, based on the fact that
about 70 workers returned cards indicating that they were interested in a union
shop, according to Thelma Dunlap, a Tennessee state representative for the
union. Workers were apparently concerned over training and wage issues.

About 170 workers ultimately were identified for the bargaining unit, and
they held a vote Aug. 9. But they overwhelmingly rejected the trade group,
voting 118-30 to remain union-free.

'Personally, I don't see any room for challenge. That's the end of it,'
Dunlap said.