Time Warner Files Phone Papers


Time Warner Cable has been busy filing paperwork to potentially expand its
Internet-protocol-telephony footprint.

The MSO filed the necessary paperwork with the Kansas Corporation Commission
last week to begin offering local and long-distance IP telephony service in the
Kansas City metro area. It has also filed similar applications with Missouri
regulators to cover its Kansas City service area, which straddles the Missouri
River and is split between the two states.

But that doesn’t mean the MSO is readying for a trial there in the immediate
future, according to spokesman Mark Harrad.

"The presumption that you wouldn’t file an application if you didn’t have
some intention is correct, but we’ve not announced any timetable or time frame
to start service in Kansas City, on either side of the river," Harrad said.

The same holds true for Texas, where Time Warner Cable filed an application
earlier this summer.

Elsewhere, the MSO has also filed in North Carolina, where it is planning to
start up IP-telephony service in two markets, and in New York, where it has an
IP-telephony test up and running in Rochester. It also rolled out IP-phone
service in May in Portland, Maine.