Time Warner Gets Court TV NOPD Peek


Time Warner Cable will offer customers a 30-minute on-demand preview of an upcoming Court TV documentary on two New Orleans police officers struggling to help the city’s citizens after Hurricane Katrina, network officials said.

The cable company will post the on-demand version Friday and run it through Monday, Oct. 31. Court TV’s hour-long full program, NOPD: After Katrina, premieres the following day, Nov. 1, at 10 p.m.

Court TV benefits from Time Warner’s promoting the show and Time Warner gains from having an on-demand exclusive, Court TV general manager of programming and marketing Marc Juris said. Court TV is 50% owned by Time Warner Inc., and Liberty Media Corp. owns the other half.

Juris said a producer in New Orleans, who was working on an unrelated project for Court TV, met the police officers highlighted in the documentary when they helped her to find her son in the chaos that followed Katrina. He added that shooting on the project ended only recently, and the full show is still being edited. The half-hour version was ready sooner, presenting an opportunity to do a preview.

“We did this really quickly, and they were willing to mobilize really quickly to take advantage of the opportunity,” Juris said of Time Warner Cable, which earlier aired an exclusive on-demand preview of a Catherine Crier Court TV special about convicted murder Scott Petersen.