Time Warner Inks Speedvision, Outdoor Life


Stamford, Conn. -- Time Warner Cable has signed an
affiliation agreement with both Speedvision and Outdoor Life Network -- a deal that is
expected to bring "hundreds of thousands of subscribers" to the services in 1999
and beyond -- officials said last week.

The corporate pact comes shortly after Speedvision's
recent launches in Orlando and Melbourne, Fla. -- its first-ever rollouts on Time Warner
systems. It remains unclear exactly how many subscribers Time Warner will commit to
Speedvision and Outdoor Life, but the rollouts will be a combination of analog and digital
carriage, Time Warner spokesman Mike Luftman said.

"We are in the process of finalizing some of the
locations [for launches of the two networks]," Luftman said. "And it will be a
combination of analog and digital."

The services will be available on Time Warner's
AthenaTV digital platform, Luftman said. But the initial Time Warner launches for
Speedvision and Outdoor Life this year will be analog, said Roger Werner, CEO of the two

Speedvision is currently available in 20 million homes,
while Outdoor Life is in 18 million.

The MSO also has an affiliation agreement with a rival
service to Outdoor Life, the independent Outdoor Channel, which has already picked up some
analog launches from Time Warner and which will also be carried on AthenaTV.