Time Warner to Launch C-COR.net `ISM'


After announcing the deal early this year, Time Warner Cable is readying to
launch C-COR.net Corp.'s 'Integrated Service Management' system in its Tampa
Bay, Fla., system.

It is the first live rollout for C-COR.net's ISM product and, if all goes
well, Time Warner has plans to implement it in two other as-yet-unnamed

Able to detect outages down to the specific subscriber level, the ISM system
monitors network alarms and service levels for digital and hybrid fiber-coaxial
devices between the cable headend and the customer-premise device. The system
then relays that information to other operational-support systems.

Time Warner will start off implementing ISM's cross-domain
network-surveillance and fault-management software. The software is able to
track problems not only networkwide, but also by specific service -- able to
discriminate, for example, outages in the high-speed-data network that are not
affecting digital-cable-TV delivery.

It can also locate problems tied to specific consumer devices, be they cable
modems or digital set-top boxes.

'We anticipate achieving across-the-board benefits with ISM touching on cost
efficiencies, service reliability and marketing opportunities,' said Hung
Nguyen, senior staff engineer for Time Warner Cable's engineering and technology
division. 'We also see ISM as a major driver in expediting standards among
equipment vendors.'