Time Warner Launches Interactive Ads in N.Y.


Time Warner Cable launched its interactive-advertising platform in the nation’s No. 1 TV market, New York, Monday.

The cable distributor said it is inserting interactive triggers from its local advertising inventory for more than 30 networks, including Time Warner-owned regional news channel New York 1 News and NBC Universal flagship station WNBC-TV.

The system will also run local interactive-TV ads on CNN, TNT, Food Network ESPN, Home & Garden Television and A&E Network.

The MSO added that it cut interactive-advertising deals with American Express, General Electric, General Motors, and Warner Bros. Studios. The interactive-TV ads will run during the fourth quarter of 2006.

Some of the interactive ads promote subscribers to use their remote controls to respond to questions that run on the bottom of their TV screens. Others contain interactive overlays that take the viewer to a long-form video-on-demand showcase advertisement on another channel, Time Warner said.

New York is the largest Time Warner system to deploy the interactive-advertising platform.

Depending on the ad, viewers will respond to the ads by pressing A, B, C or Select on their remote controls.

Time Warner also launched new VOD-advertising channels in New York, including DriverTV, Movie Trailers on Demand and ExpoTV.