Time Warner Makes Driving Safer


Time Warner Cable’s San Diego has cut down on preventable traffic collisions in its service fleet by using technology from DriveCam Video Systems.

The system began using the program in 2002 in its 200 vans. It reduced preventable collisions by 31% in its first year of operation, and by another 11% in 2003. The system helps to exonerate drivers and also reduces insurance payments.
The DriveCam itself is a palm-sized video recorder mounted in the center of the windshield, which records what the driver sees and hears. Recordings are automatically downloaded to a computer network for managers to review.
In other vendor news, Sandvine Inc. said small cable operator Troy Cablevision will use Sandvine’s Worm/DoS traffic mitigation solution to cleanse traffic for its 4,000 broadband subscribers.