Time Warner, Navic Say Aloha to Interactivity


Time Warner Cable’s Oceanic system in Hawaii has rolled out several interactive-TV applications that allow subscribers to do everything from ordering dinner from Pizza Hut with the click of a remote to viewing classified job listings or video-enhanced real estate listings through the television.

In an attempt to mimic Nielsen Media Research, the system has also established a panel of 1,000 households from which it collects detailed data on viewing habits.

With that technology -- supplied by upstart interactive-TV vendor Navic Networks -- the operator allows every subscriber on the system to find out what the most popular programs are at any given time.

Time Warner also plans to use Navic to launch a television-based food court and shopping mall, making it the first cable systems in the nation to widely deploy “t-commerce” services.

Navic is also supplying Time Warner with an interactive-advertising system that allows viewers of a 30-second ad to link to a long-form video-on-demand ad.

And Oceanic has used a polling application that allowed subscribers to vote for their favorite contestants on a show similar to American Idol with the click of a remote.