Time Warner Nets $1M from LMN Promotion


Time Warner Cable officials estimate the operator generated about $1 million in incremental revenue from a local affiliate-sales promotion that it ran recently with Lifetime Movie Network.

Twenty-two Time Warner Cable divisions participated in the “Best Seat in The House” sweepstakes, in which Lifetime gave away a 42-inch Philips Consumer Electronics HDTV to one winner in each system.

In its first big local ad-sales promotion since its 1998 debut, LMN supplied the Time Warner systems with sweepstakes entry boxes placed in local advertisers’ stores. For their part, the systems ran tagged cross-channel spots promoting the service and directing viewers to local stores where they could enter the HDTV giveaway sweepstakes.

In addition to units on LMN, Time Warner local ad sales executives sold sweepstakes spots on other networks that target women.

The promotion, which ran from July 25 to Aug. 29, continues a trend in which networks tailor their local affiliate-sales promotions, rather than offering turn-key promos that can be used by all MSOs.

“Now that we’ve centralized our ad-sales business and have the ability to talk to networks and do something specific for Time Warner, that’s one of the nice things about this promotion,” said Time Warner Cable president of advertising sales Larry Fischer.

Time Warner sold the promotion mainly to local consumer-electronics retailers and furniture stores. One San Antonio outlet added a free recliner to HDTV giveaway, said Time Warner senior director of creative service and marketing Nancy Nalven.

Lifetime director of affiliate ad sales Andie Kallinger said the network “encouraged” the Time Warner systems to run 300 cross-channel spots for the promotion, but they weren’t required to run a certain number of messages. The network counts 43 million subscribers, about 39 million of which are on cable systems that insert local ads, Kallinger said