Time Warner to Offer In Demand’s ‘Mojo Mix’


Time Warner Cable picked up Mojo Mix, a five-hour, HD video-on-demand programming block from In Demand Networks.

Content, which will be refreshed each month, includes music videos; episodes of Mojo original HD series such as ThreeSheets, King of Miami and Wall Street Warriors; various specials; and short-form content. The service may also feature stunts, sneak previews and behind-the-scenes and bonus footage.

Time Warner will offer the block across its entire on-demand footprint this summer, making it the first cable operator to do so. In Demand is offering Mojo Mix to all of its affiliates.

“Both HD and VOD are revolutionizing the way people look at television,” said Jason Patton, vice president of business development at In Demand. “By combining the two technologies and filling the Mojo Mix service with a wide variety of entertaining and exclusive HD content, digital subscribers can have a personalized experience using the latest technology.”

“For cable operators,” he added, “this is a perfect way to showcase their HD offerings and encourage more people to access video-on-demand.”