Time Warner Orders DVR ‘Sidecars’


Time Warner Cable will offer customers additional digital video recording storage via new hard-drive “sidecars” under an agreement with Maxtor Corp., the companies said.

The new device, called a Maxtor Quickview Expander, is compatible with Scientific-Atlanta Inc.’s Explorer 8300 DVR, to which it connects using a serial ATA port on the back of the set-top.

Time Warner Cable has ordered the devices and is offering them to divisions that use S-A equipment. The divisions will decide their own launch timetables, a company spokesman said, and will charge an incremental fee for the device.

Once connected to the DVR set top, the Expander acts as an expansion of the existing hard drive, and the DVR set top determines which drive has the most space available on a recording by recording basis, Time Warner said.

Maxtor, a leading disk drive maker, introduced the device last April and has it on display at the current Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas.