Time Warner Picks `CherryPicker' for NYC


Time Warner Cable has starting deploying Terayon Communication Systems Inc.'s
"DM 3200 Network CherryPicker" to manage its digital bandwidth in its premier
New York City system.

The DM 3200s are now humming in Time Warner's main headend and a backup
headend, controlling all of the digital programming systems.

With its rate shaping and real-time adjustment of each digital feed, the DM
3200 can use less bandwidth for its digital programming feeds, therefore freeing
up more throughput for other services, including video-on-demand.

Given the fact that the Terayon equipment is being deployed in Time Warner's
flagship system, it is a "very important stamp of approval, as far as I'm
concerned," said Ian Jefferson, vice president of sales for Terayon's
digital-video-solutions unit.