Time Warner Plans Denver Pullout


More bad news for Denver, the one-time 'capital of cable' -- Time Warner
Cable is closing down its corporate-services division there and transferring
employees to the East Coast.

The MSO called a meeting Wednesday to talk about the plan, which will affect
about 200 engineering, support, legal, human-resources, financial, design and
construction positions.

Time Warner is moving most of its Denver-based corporate services to
Charlotte, N.C., where it has a major cluster and operations. Some of the
engineering positions will be moving to Herndon, Va., home of Time Warner's Road
Runner high-speed Internet-service provider.

The fact that Denver is not a market for Time Warner played into the decision
to move.

'We are undertaking this move to establish a stronger connect between our
corporate and divisional operations, to realize certain cost efficiencies and to
gain advantages from placing certain corporate-service functions alongside our
operating systems,' Time Warner spokesman Mark Harrad said.

But Time Warner won't completely exit the 'Mile High City.' Its national
division -- which oversees the MSO's smaller, unclustered cable systems -- will
stay put for the time being. The MSO plans to have the shift completed by the
end of the year.

With this move and AT&T Broadband's proposed merger with Comcast Corp.,
there will be little corporate cable presence left in the Denver metro area,
home of the new National Cable Center and Cable Television Laboratories