Time Warner Plugs In Pace HD Box


Time Warner Cable will be the first MSO to put a new high-definition box
from Pace Micro Technology Ltd. through its paces in a field trial.

The MSO will be testing Pace's "DC-550 HD" in several markets to see if it is
ready for consumer primetime.

It is the first such test for the box, which Pace recently started

The British box maker claimed that the DC-550 HD is the smallest set-top in the
industry, measuring just 12 inches by nine inches by two-and-a-quarter inches.

Compliant with the OpenCable Applications Protocol specification, it houses
260 million instructions per second (MIPS) of processing speed and 64 megabytes
of memory, one-half of which is dedicated to support applications and hardware

It is also armed with content-security features, and it provides loop-through
plugins to link to other consumer devices.

Pace Micro Technology Americas president Neil Gaydon said, "The Pace DC-550 HD is the best product to support cable-delivered VOD [video-on-demand]
and HDTV in the U.S. to date."
He added, "Now that cable operators are offering more competitive services than
satellite, they also need the hardware that is more robust than what satellite
offers, as well."

He continued, "The Pace DC-550 HD offers performance and connectivity that is simply