Time Warner Rolls Out Three Hispanic Networks


Time Warner Cable’s Palm Desert system in California has launched three Spanish-language networks from Alterna’TV, officials said Wednesday.

Alterna’TV, one of the largest channel distributors of Latin American television in the United States, announced today a three-channel launch in California's Palm Desert area as the result of a new distribution contract with Time Warner Cable.

The three channels -- México 22, Once México and CB Tu Televisión Michoacán -- debuted earlier this month on Time Warner’s Desert Cities system. That system serves Coachella Valley, Banning and Yucca Valley and is part of Time Warner’s San Diego Division.

“We're always looking for new ways to serve our customers,” Tad Yo, vice president and general manager of Time Warner Cable Desert Cities, said in a statement. “Alterna'TV is a wonderful source for diverse and entertaining programming that meets a variety of our Spanish-speaking customers' needs, from news and current affairs to movies and sports. Being able to select the channels that are most appropriate for our audience is a big advantage for Alterna'TV and makes them a very attractive programming partner.”

México 22 is an arts and entertainment channel that offers content with a sophisticated on-air image. It features award-winning documentaries, cultural newscasts, talk shows and internationally acclaimed stars.

Once México provides programming for all ages: political issues, news, documentaries, tourism, cooking, award-winning kids programming, and talk shows about important issues that affect Mexicans worldwide.

CB Tu Televisión Michoacán is a general-entertainment channel offering regional programming. It provides a local view into the everyday lives of Michoacanos living in México and abroad with programs on social and economic issues, sports, tourism, and newscasts that cover all aspects of daily events in the region.